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AAF Honors Black History Month

Updated: Feb 26

Afghan-American Foundation (AAF) Honors Black History Month

Washington D.C. (2/24/2021) The Afghan-American Foundation (AAF) joins the rest of the nation in honoring Black History Month. This month celebrates the contributions and sacrifices made by Black-Americans to our country and history which permeates every aspect of American life.

We recognize the impact Black communities have had on politics, science, the arts, the economy, and most of all the ongoing fight for civil rights and progress. The Afghan American Foundation (AAF) is conscious of the fact that it was the activism of Black-Americans, who lead the civil rights movement, helping not only to desegregate communities across the nation but also lead the way to the Immigration Act of 1965, eliminating race-based quotas, and contributing towards the desegregation of our borders. It was that piece of legislation that paved the way for many Afghan-Americans to immigrate to our nation and established thriving communities.

As we honor these critical contributions, we recognize that the fight for equality is not over. The protest of this past year once again woke the American conscience to the challenges that exist within our criminal justice system and the structural inequities that still exist for many Americans of color. The Afghan-American Foundation will continue to work towards a more equitable nation and ensure that our struggle for a more perfect union continues with a strong voice from Afghan-American communities.