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AAF Condemns Targeted Killings of Civilians in Afghanistan, Calls on Americans to Contact Congress

Updated: Feb 2

Blood splattered on asphalt after attacks in Afghanistan
Targeted killings of civilians and officials in Afghanistan have been on the rise since the Peace Agreements. Rahmat Gul / AP

(Washington D.C. 2/1/21) The Afghan-American Foundation (AAF) strongly condemns the continued brutal and targeted assassinations of civil society members including the latest killings of two female Supreme Court judges on January 17, 2021. Since the signing of the US-Taliban agreement in February of 2019, the Afghan people have suffered an increase in violent attacks by the Taliban and their proxies.

In recent months, the attacks have targeted individuals actively working towards national stability and civic engagement. Victims have included journalists, lawmakers, judges, actors, activists, university students, and teachers. This intentional increase in targeted killings is meant to sow fear amongst the civilian population and paralyze the robust civil society sector which is integral in maintaining a free and democratic Afghanistan.

One of the gains the people of Afghanistan, with assistance from the American people, have made over the past two decades is the establishment of a free press which is a key component of a functioning democracy. This free press is now threatened by targeted killings and has forced many journalists to flee and take refuge in neighboring countries.

The Afghan-American Foundation asks Afghan-Americans and Americans of conscience to contact their members of Congress and request hearings into this increased violence since the signing of the United States agreement with the Taliban. Congress must do its job of oversight and demand the Biden administration to review the agreement and ensure a reduction of violence as a precursor to continue peace talks. The United States and Afghanistan have made sacrifices over the past two decades to achieve hard earned gains and those sacrifices must be honored. The Taliban cannot sit at the peace table in Doha yet continue to kill and terrorize the people of Afghanistan at the same time.

Please contact your member of congress using the following link, by entering your zip code and finding their contact information, and encourage them to:

  1. Request the House Foreign Affairs Committee and Senate Foreign Relations Committee to hold hearings into why violence has increased since the signing of the agreement with the Taliban.

  2. Request the Biden Administration to reassess the agreement signed by the Trump Administration and make the necessary changes to ensure that there is a reduction of violence which takes place moving forward.

  3. Protect civil society members and ensure that our government works with the Afghan Security Forces to provide the necessary resources to protect critical voices of civil society members.

We stand with the people of Afghanistan in their struggle for a peaceful and stable Afghanistan.

For more information or media inquiries reach out to: info@afghanamericans.org