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AAF Condemn Attack on Afghan Business Owner in Portland, Calls for Bias-Crime Investigation

Updated: Sep 15

(Washington D.C. 1/26/21) The Afghan-American Foundation (AAF) condemns the recent hateful attack perpetrated against an Afghan American business owner in Portland, Oregon. The incident, a vicious, violent, profanity-laden onslaught, was caught on a video by the victim.

The attacker is seen on the video yelling xenophobic slurs towards the 68-year old man. The attacker goes on to say, “Is that how we do things in America, Afghan?” “Al Qaeda? Osama? Huh, is it? You scared? …He continues to threaten the life of the business owner while destroying his shop, threatening at one point to “...f-----g shoot you in the back.”

The Oregon Department of Justice, which recently started tracking hate incidents more comprehensively, has noted a 366% increase in hate crimes last year. AAF requests all local law enforcement agencies with jurisdiction to investigate this as a hate crime and ensure that the perpetrator is prosecuted to the full extent of the law. That this attacker acted with such impunity while knowing that he was being recorded demonstrates just how much work remains to be one in ensuring that there are consequences for these types of attacks.

Communities of color and other minority groups across America have seen an increase in hate incidents and threats to their safety. The public discourse by many political leaders continues to demonize and dehumanize immigrant and refugee communities, selling the fiction that they don’t belong in this country or are somehow not worthy of protection under our laws. Recently, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) warned communities of color to secure their organizations and houses of worship given rising threats to their safety and security. These sorts of attacks cut at the very fabric of who we are as a nation and cannot go without consequences.

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